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New Releases

New releases from Egly-Ouriet

Since we introduced the outstanding Champagnes of Egly-Ouriet to our clients back in 2013, we have received much positive feedback whether they are commenting on the non-vintage ‘Grand Cru Tradition’, the exceptional ‘Crayères Blanc de Noirs’ or the vintage release. In short, these are some of the finest Champagnes...

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2013 Felsina Berardenga

Being selective is key to our approach at Atlas. You may recall that we advised our clients to take advantage of a whole host of wines in the impressive 2010 vintage across Italy, notably wines from Piemonte and Tuscany. We were considerably more circumspect in our purchasing in the 2011 and 2012 vintages, and while 2013 has been widely acclaime...

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2002 House of Arras, Late Disgorged, (E.J. Carr)

Champagne dominates the sparkling wine market the world over, not just in terms of production volume, but also in terms of quality. Yet, sparkling wine isn’t solely confined to Champagne and nor should it always need to be compared to Champagne. There are unique sparkling wines made in different corners of the winemaking world that can sur...

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2014 Bouzeron, Les Cordères, Domaine Jaquesson

People forget that Chardonnay is not the only white grape variety grown in Burgundy. While there are small amounts of Pinot Beurot (otherwise known as Pinot Gris in Alsace), the most significant variety following Chardonnay is Aligoté. In most instances, Aligoté delivers zesty, citrusy wines of modest standing with marked acidity. ...

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1998 Viña Albina Rioja Gran Reserva

At Atlas, we get the chance to taste wines offered to us as a parcel and, frankly, they often do not pass muster. A recent tasting of 1998 Viña Albina Rioja Gran Reserva, however, proves that you can strike it lucky. This unusual opportunity to access a parcel of mature Rioja at a great price was too good to miss, and so we are pleas...

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2012 and 2011 Malbec, Catena Zapata

Last week, we had the chance to taste two exceptional Catena Malbec from the Adrianna Vineyard. Named after Nicolas Catena’s youngest daughter, this vineyard lies at an altitude of 1450 metres and consists of alluvial sandy soils, with gravel and limestone deposits evident over a markedly rocky base. Catena has recognised many distinc...

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