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Atlas Fine Wines Broking Service


Atlas has created an effective broking service to facilitate the sale of wines on behalf of clients. We want our clients to be confident that any sale of their wine is efficient and transparent. We are committed to acting in the clients’ best interests and to returning the best possible net proceeds.

Due to variance of pricing across the wine industry for many wines, Atlas has created its own Atlas Guide Price (the AGP) to more realistically recognise the price at which a particular wine is actually changing hands in the marketplace. To arrive at the AGP, we draw on pricing from multiple sources and apply our own assessment of a particular region, wine, producer and vintage. We have invested considerable time and effort so that broking stocks are marketed to our ever-growing database of international trade contacts. Our strong links across the wine industry are a testament to the quality of our offering and the accuracy of our pricing. We also utilise Liv-ex, the London International Vintners’ Exchange and the most active trading platform globally, to increase the exposure of our stock.

When you decide to sell, Atlas’ charge is made clear at the outset, as are proceeds net to you upon successful sale. If the market for a specific wine falls, we suspend the sale and revisit the pricing with you. We will, on occasion, purchase wine outright from a client at an agreed price. Pricing data for each individual case you hold with Atlas, and for your collection as a whole, is made available within your online account so that you can gain a view of the cash value.

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