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Atlas Fine Wines Advisory Service


In 2014, Atlas launched an advisory service for private wine collectors. This service is completely distinct from its core trading business. The service is aimed at private collectors with extensive cellars who are looking for impartial advice and a general assessment of their wines from either a drinking or investment perspective, or both.

Our Advisory service particularly appeals to collectors who purchase from several different merchants and/or those who store in multiple locations. Our in-house software enables us to upload stock reports from other merchants so that we can run these listings against drink dates and our market pricing data, allowing stock outside of Atlas to be monitored in exactly the same way as our private client reserves, and thus providing the client with a global view of their holdings.

By offering a service distinct from our core business, we can offer impartiality to the collector. To be clear, we only look to make counter offers or suggestions from our stock if we are expressly asked to do so. The default position is that the collector is not added to the normal Atlas private client database.

Given the software and stock management tools we have developed and the high level of wine knowledge that we have at our disposal, Atlas is able to offer a one-off Cellar Check to a broad audience and a Retained Service Agreement to a select number of collectors. Please read below for details and the fee structure pertaining to both services.

Cellar Check

  1. An initial meeting with a member of the Atlas sales team to establish the collector’s aims and objectives. 
  2. The collection is then assessed with the following points in mind:
    • Whether the client’s account meets their objectives
    • Whether the client is lacking any stock or overloaded in a specific drinking span/ category
    • Whether too much competing stock has been accumulated
    • Whether regions, vintages or producers are over or under representative within the collection.
    • Whether wines should be considered for immediate drinking, cellaring or for resale.
  3. A comprehensive report, including drink dates and market prices, will then be released to the client, with a commentary assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the collection.

One-off cellar check: £750 plus VAT per report (fee payable in advance of commencement) Suggested minimum market value of portfolio: £20,000.

Any interested collector is able to test our service with the one-off Cellar Check and then progress to the Retained Service Agreement if they so wish. In such an event, the cost of the cellar check is discounted from the Retained Service Agreement fee.

Retained Service Agreement

  1. A quarterly Cellar Check (as outlined above).
  2. Ongoing support and advice from Simon Larkin MW, Managing Director of Atlas, on purchasing and selling wines through any number of merchants and overall portfolio composition.
  3. An annual meeting to discuss future aims and objectives.

Retained service Agreement: Charged annually at 0.25% plus VAT of the market value of the holding on date of commencement of the contract. Minimum market value of cellar upon commencement: £500,000.

Atlas is pleased to quote for additional services beyond the brief outlined above.

  • This service is completely distinct from our core trading business;
  • We offer impartial advice and a general assessment of current holdings;
  • Our software allows stock outside of Atlas's care to be monitored in exactly the same way as our private client reserves;
  • We offer both a one-off Cellar Check or a Retained Service Agreement.

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