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New Releases

NEW RELEASES : Egly-Ouriet - 'at the very top o...

When you are such a fan of a set of wines, it is hard not to sound repetitive. I have written it before and I’ll no doubt write it many times more, the Champagnes of Egly-Ouriet are really special and, for me, this estate ranks as one of the very best producers in all of Champagne (and I include all comers in that statement).

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2015 Barolo Riserva 'Vigna Lazzarito', Ettore G...

I have kept my Barolo enthusiasm calm for a while; there were so many great 2016s that I feared overwhelming everyone with the commentary over the last year!
I think, however, that this particular example is well worth drawing to your attention. Why? The grower remains a little off radar, it is a Riserva from 2015 from a highl...

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NEW RELEASE : 2019 Chenin Blanc Reserve DeMorge...

I have mentioned before how highly I rate the Chenin Blanc Reserve from DeMorgenzon in Stellenbosch. Well, the 2019 vintage has just been released and it is sure to impress followers of this estate.
It represents a slight departure from recent hot and dry vintages, as 2019 was cooler and resulted in wines with bright acidities...

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2018 Dits del Terra, Terroir Al Limit - bringin...

I’ll make one very early prediction for next year; we’ll be offering more incredibly individual Spanish wines than ever before. Why? We are tasting more and more fascinating examples made by skilled winemakers, and the resultant wines are outstanding. The only challenge can be getting hold of them as s...

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2018 Barbaresco, Rabaja From Guiseppe Cortese -...

Are you going to see a lot of hype about 2018 in Barbaresco? No.
Is it the vintage of lifetime? No.
Will most of the wines require patient cellarage before enjoying them? No.
Do great vineyards deliver quality in more mixed vintages? Yes
Are there some remarkable surprises at very fair values? Undoubtedly, yes, and this i...

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2018 Bekkers New Releases : Another great set f...

I have raved about the quality of Toby Bekkers’ wines before – they are truly extraordinary, and I am pleased to say that a good number of our clients have cottoned on to this now. What makes them so special is the purity and balance; they are such fresh wines, not the first adjective that springs to m...

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