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Vintage Reports

Each time we release the wines of a new vintage, we assess the conditions and factors which have shaped the wines of that year. We draw on first hand commentary from leading growers in the region which we gather during our regional visits. Such trips allow us to better understand the merits of a vintage which we then relay to our clients. Drawing on our own tasting experience, we compare to previous vintages and advise on the longevity and quality of the wines produced. 


Bordeaux 2018: Handle with care

As the annual game of sensationalising the latest Bordeaux vintage starts to get underway, there have already been claims that this is ‘the vintage of a generation’ and ‘a legendary vintage in the making’. As ever, such claims reveal the desire among the UK trade to see the vintage ‘work’ on a commercial footi...

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Piemonte 2015: Deceptively classic wines from a...

Following a week-long trip to Piemonte in February, it is clear that the 2015 Barolo vintage has delivered some truly notable successes, but divergent styles and qualities. In Piemonte, where the unique nature of vineyard sites, the differing topography, altitude and aspect are so considerable – not to mention the differing approaches to w...

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Burgundy 2017: The advent of a modern classic?

As the 2017 vintage is due to be released in January, our attentions turn to expressing the qualities of this vintage, penning our vintage report and tasting notes. Five members of the Atlas team spent a week in Burgundy, tasting at 20 properties across the Côte d’Or this autumn. A special set of circumstances have delivered a fascin...

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Burgundy 2016: Nature takes away with one hand,...

As we travelled over to Burgundy to taste the 2016 vintage from barrel, we were fully aware that the region had been badly hit by frost early in the year. We knew that losses due to frost were significant with the 2016 vintage allegedly representing around 50% of a ‘normal’ harvest. That said, given the run of recent low yielding vin...

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Bordeaux 2017

After two trips across to taste barrel samples of the 2017 Bordeaux vintage, I have ploughed through various lengthy commentaries on which examine the specific weather patterns that shaped the year. Indeed, during our visits, technical directors detailed the circumstances that have largely resulted in a range of ‘attractive, supple-fruited...

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Bordeaux 2016: An unusual and unexpected return...

Bordeaux en primeur is something of a puzzle and it has been this way for some time. 2016 is an exciting vintage and one that is likely to be beset by the same pricing issues as many recent vintages. As the report explains, there is a great deal to like in the 2016 vintage. I personally cannot recall being as impressed by so many wines in a Bord...

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