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Vintage Reports

Each time we release the wines of a new vintage, we assess the conditions and factors which have shaped the wines of that year. We draw on first hand commentary from leading growers in the region which we gather during our regional visits. Such trips allow us to better understand the merits of a vintage which we then relay to our clients. Drawing on our own tasting experience, we compare to previous vintages and advise on the longevity and quality of the wines produced. 


Bordeaux 2013

2013 will go down as a very difficult vintage – a taxing one for each and every team at each and every Château. There was barely a stage when they could take their eyes off of their vineyards and there is little doubt that, had this vintage occurred...

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Burgundy 2012

Let’s get one fact straight:  lower quantity does not necessarily lead to higher quality, but it certainly exacerbates demand. I can confirm however, that as regards the 2012 vintage, quality is also riding high across our portfolio of growers. Aside from...

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Bordeaux 2012

My colleague, Richard O’Mahony, and I have just arrived back from a week’s tasting in Bordeaux. We were fortunate enough to arrange early visits to the châteaux this year, thus avoiding the main tasting week when all of international trade descends...

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Southern Rhône 2011

It seems that each Southern Rhône vintage of late brings different character traits to the fore. 2009 showed terrific exuberance straight out of the blocks. 2010 showed uncommon freshness, superb density and considerable structure. Now, with 2011 we...

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Burgundy 2011

After over twenty-five years of selling Burgundy en primeur, one could be forgiven for thinking it would be easy to pinpoint a suitable reference for the 2011 vintage, both stylistically and in terms of the market condition. Given atypical weather...

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Bordeaux 2011

We are preparing to head to Bordeaux for the 2011 Primeurs tastings. We prefer to keep an open mind until will have tasted for ourselves, but the murmurings have already begun. At a recent Château Margaux seminar in London, Paul Pontallier,...

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