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Offers and Sourcing

In fine wine, experience is essential as insightful advice can only be informed by first-hand knowledge. We value our own judgement and rigorously evaluate wines that we offer, whether for drinking or investment. We cite our own knowledge and our own tasting experience, rather than relying solely on critics’ commentary and point scores. For wines in which we see the potential for future resale, we set out an in-depth rationale drawing upon independent sources to show the wine’s position in the market. We publish market updates in order to bring timely commentary on the financial aspects of wine and travel to key wine regions to assess new vintages.

We taste widely to back our recommendations and our advice to clients. Atlas enjoys strong relationships with leading producers from across the world and also purchases from reputable trade suppliers in Europe and the UK whom we have vetted rigorously. This gives us wide access to product on very favourable terms.

We offer wines to our clients based on the interests they have outlined or discussed with us – be this for current-drinking, cellaring or future resale. When we believe a wine may have a broader appeal, we will circulate this to all clients. Such circulars are a small part of what we do, as our aim is to work with each client individually.

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