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Vintage Reports

Each time we release the wines of a new vintage, we assess the conditions and factors which have shaped the wines of that year. We draw on first hand commentary from leading growers in the region which we gather during our regional visits. Such trips allow us to better understand the merits of a vintage which we then relay to our clients. Drawing on our own tasting experience, we compare to previous vintages and advise on the longevity and quality of the wines produced. 


Bordeaux 2021

Bordeaux grower, winemaker and writer Gavin Quinney recently commented; ‘As the ‘en primeur’ tastings of young samples by critics, commentators and merchants confirmed, 2021 is a comparatively weaker and uneven vintage for reds.’ Not quite a headline grabbing quote, but this is an ...

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Burgundy 2020

It was a great pleasure to be able to visit Burgundy again this autumn. Although tasting the 2019s in the office or at home last year was a successful solution to a particular problem, it could never replicate or replace the insight gained from being in the cellar with the producer, nor the importance of human contact in building and maintaining...

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Bordeaux 2020

Another unusual Bordeaux En Primeur campaign is on the cards. Unusual on account of COVID 19, with few merchants visiting the region to taste in situ and therefore we are reliant once more on samples being sent to the UK. Unusual given the timing of the campaign has been pushed back and in fact individual Ch...

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Burgundy 2019 - The Brave New World of Burgundy

After a run of three vintages that could all be classified hot and dry, it appears Burgundy is going through a transition and growers are learning how to handle such conditions. The growing season is getting underway earlier than before, meaning vines start earlier while frost remains a risk. Harvest dates are becoming earlier, 

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Bordeaux 2019

In all likelihood the 2019 Bordeaux En Primeur campaign will commence in earnest in early June amid some considerable uncertainty.
As in previous years, we will email out offers of wines where we believe there is a merit in purchasing, and list full availability of the 2019s as they release on our website, as whether or not we...

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Burgundy 2018

The 2018 vintage in Burgundy has attracted plenty of comment to date. The UK wine magazine, Decanter, released an article shortly after the harvest with the tagline that there were whispers in Burgundy suggesting this vintage could become ‘one of the region's all-time great vintages’; other sources alluded to the great 1947 vinta...

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