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Bordeaux 2015 - Vintage Report Now Live

by Simon Larkin MW | Apr 12, 2016

Following two Atlas trips to the region, I am pleased to direct you to our Bordeaux 2015 Report on our website.
You will no doubt have heard a number of comments on the vintage – particularly given wine critic James Suckling’s effusive notes and scores that have been cited by a number of merchants. Getting out early and releasing notes and scores before any other journalist no doubt makes commercial sense when you spy an opening in the market. I will, however, be more interested in seeing a number of comments from a broader base of critics. I would suggest that you will not easily find a consensus of opinion. As new participant on Twitter, I have been fascinated to see the exchange of comments as merchants and critics tasted their way around Bordeaux. I think a  different picture of the vintage will emerge; a more complex one than James Suckling has so far presented.
What is clear is that 2015 is an interesting vintage with some notable high points that could, in time, rank alongside some recent greats. These successes are perhaps not quite as commonplace as you may have been led to believe, but they are present and are remarkable. What remains to be seen is the stance taken by the Bordeaux Château owners with regard to release pricing. We are witnessing something of a minor recovery in the Bordeaux market, perhaps flattered by exchange rates, but certainly Bordeaux is making the headlines for the right reasons once more. It would be more than a shame if lofty 2015 release pricing sought to exploit rather than feed the market, particularly  given the quality on show at certain Châteaux.

I will be sending a Market Report focused on Bordeaux later this week which analyses the current state of the Bordeaux market, the outlook for en primeur from a market perspective, and the cyclical market for Bordeaux.
I hope the Vintage Report proves of interest. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the team if you would like further advice. We anticipate the first 2015 releases occurring in May and will keep you updated of interesting developments.

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