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Tastings and Dinners

Poderi Oddero Tasting and Dinner with Pietro Oddero
  • Event: Poderi Oddero Tasting and Dinner with Pietro Oddero
  • Date: 17/05/2023
  • Time: 19:00
  • Location: Piazza Italiana
  • Price: £295 (inc VAT)

Featuring a line-up of the following wines:
Timorasso 2021
Barbera D'Asti Superiore Nizza 2019
Langhe Nebbiolo 2021
Barolo 2019
Barolo, Brunate 2018
Barolo, Villero 2017
Barolo Riserva, Vigna Rionda 2015
Barolo Riserva, Vigna Rionda 2013
Barolo Riserva, Vigna Rionda 2009
Moscato d'Asti 2022
*We are also hoping to show a vintage of Barolo, Bussia, Vigna Mondoca

We are delighted to be welcoming Pietro Oddero to London to host a dinner featuring a selection of outstanding Barolo from his family’s estate, PoderiOddero. This dinner is limited to just 11places and will be held at Piazza Italiana in Threadneedle Street.

Simon commented as follows:

Poderi Oddero is an historic Barolo property, with roots going back to the end of the 18th century, making it one of the oldest established houses. In 2005, Giacomo Oddero and his brother Luigi divided the estate, with Luigi heading off to create wines in his own name. As with any estate, such a division is never easy, and it took a little while for the dust to settle. When I visited to taste the 2016s, it was clear this famous estate was on a very fine trajectory, having crafted an exceptional Brunate and Rocche di Castiglione. I have followed them closely ever since. This La Morra estate’s wines have risen to real prominence under the stewardship of Mariacristina Oddero, Giacomo’s daughter, ably assisted by her niece Isabella and son Pietro. Frankly, today, this estate’s wines are among the very finest I taste in any vintage.

One of the keys to Oddero’s success is its enviable holdings in some of the most heralded Barolo vineyards such as Vigna Rionda, Rocche di Castiglione, Brunate, Villero, and a more recently acquired small parcel in Monvigliero. Oddero has been a fascinating property to track; quality has not always been as high as it is today, yet we are now witnessing far greater consistency than ever before, culminating in a stunning run of vintages. The wines are made in a reassuringly traditional style that allows vineyard typicity to be clearly expressed. I fully expect the following that this estate has garnered to grow considerably over the next few years as the wines show purity and definition and are in a style that will surely appeal to followers of great traditional Barolo.

The dinner will provide a rare opportunity to taste three vintages of the Vigna Rionda Riserva side by side – Vigna Rionda is easily one ofthe greatest vineyards in all of Barolo. Located in Serralunga d’Alba, wines from this vineyard are praised for their power as much as their finesse. In addition, we will be able to explore the diversity of the Oddero range, with wines partnered to traditional Italian dishes.

The evening will begin at 7pm with a glass of Timorasso from Pietro's personal project before moving onto the tasting and dinner, led by Pietro Oddero,Simon Larkin MWand Richard O'Mahony.

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