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New Releases

2017 Elio Grasso

While undoubtedly tasting the headlining wines of an estate can be the most exciting, it is the more humble wines which can sometimes be the most rewarding. Such tastings can prove just how capable a winemaker is whilst working on various sites and with differing varieties. A case in point is certainly the wines of the Elio Grasso estate in Piem...

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2017 Riesling Reserve, ‘The Merle’, Pikes

If I am ever asked to highlight a world-class Australian white that warrants a long snooze in a cool cellar, I tend to turn immediately to Jeff Grosset’s Polish Hill Riesling from the Clare Valley, having enjoyed a good number of mature bottles over the years. However, a former colleague suggested that my choice should not be quite so auto...

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2015 Flaccianello della Pieve, Fontodi

‘Flaccianello has routinely been among the most exciting wines in Tuscany’ so writes Antonio Galloni on  As I have previously commented, to produce ‘routinely’ exciting wines takes a serious amount of hard work and application in the vineyard. As if evening up the balance, Tuscany has witnessed an excepti...

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2017 Moulin-à-Vent, Château des Jacques

Sometimes you have a chance to taste a range of wines of which you might normally be a touch dismissive, either on account of previous tasting experience or simply reputation. And sometimes, your preconceived ideas are challenged or in this case, blown away. After Hannah visited Château des Jacques earlier this summer, and returned serious...

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2016 Pinot Noir, Hannes Storm

We are pleased to say that, not only has our allocation of Hannes Storm’s outstanding Pinot Noir remained intact, but we have actually been able to increase it and add the third single vineyard Pinot Noir in Hannes’ range, the ‘Ridge’. Please see Simon's comments below. 
I have been seriously impre...

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2014 Barolo, Vietti

How would you define a tricky vintage? Perhaps a vintage where your vineyards had to endure hail and heavy rain over the summer months? Perhaps ‘tricky’ isn’t the word, ‘taxing’ might be more appropriate, as in 2014 in Piemonte, growers had to be unusually attentive in the vineyard to safeguard their vines and fruit...

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