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New Releases

2016 Château Cos d'Estournel

We feel compelled to offer this 2016, which has taken us and the market a touch by surprise.  While many Château proprietors are waiting for Neal Martin’s 2016 Bordeaux en primeur review before setting their prices and releasing their wines, the management of Château Cos d’Estournel has taken the step of releasing th...

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2015 Domaine Latour-Giraud

Establishing new, direct relationships is possibly the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of what we do at Atlas; that feeling is intensified when the estate in question is a Burgundian domaine that we have been tracking for several vintages.  It suffices to say that we are very pleased to be adding the wines of Domaine Latour-Giraud to o...

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2016 Château d'Esclans and 2016 Domaine de la M...

As a wine-style, rosé is all too often dismissed, yet there are some immensely well-made wines offering great finesse and purity. Each year we look to highlight one or two such examples to our clients and each year, our criteria remains simple: quality and intrigue coupled with a good price. In the interest of keeping this offer brief, th...

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2016 Bordeaux: An unusual and unexpected return...

The marketing departments of many merchants are just bursting into action, building the hype for the 2016 Bordeaux en primeur campaign. You are sure to hear a vast range of superlatives and lines lifted from critics to lend weight to the undoubtedly ‘great’ vintage – dubbed as such even before any wine has finished its period o...

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2016 De Morgenzon Reserve Chenin Blanc 2016

A friend in the wine trade sent me a few bottles of South African out of interest and while I can’t repeat the words I uttered when I pulled a cork and first tasted the 2015 De Morgenzon Chenin Blanc Reserve, it suffices to say that I wasn’t expecting a wine of this calibre! By way of background, De Morgenzon is based in Stellenbosch...

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2013 Elio Grasso

2013 is a stunning vintage for Piemonte and more specifically for Barolo. Over the last year, I have tasted widely in the region on two separate occasions and each time, I have been impressed by the precision and purity of the wines. In the main, the 2013 Barolo offer perfumed aromatics, a fine textural impression, dark cores of coolly ripe frui...

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