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NEW RELEASES : 2019 Barolo (and Barbaresco) from Vietti - A spellbinding range

February 2023

A spellbinding range

2019 Barolo (and Barbaresco) from Vietti

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I am very pleased to announce the release of our Vietti 2019 offer. Recognising that this is a lengthy offer given the range of wines and formats offered, I will keep my introduction to the point.
The 2019 vintage in Barolo yielded some epic wines without a doubt. One of the most impressive visits I made was to Vietti – it is always a great pleasure and an education to taste so many different Cru Barolo from across the region at one address, in fact when the quality is as high as this, it can be almost overwhelming. I tasted the 2019s from bottle, and the 2020s and 2021s from barrel – taken as a group I would think this is one of the greatest tastings I have ever had. If you want to read more commentary on the vintage, please follow this link to my main report.  
We recently heard that Luca and Elena Currado have taken the decision to move on from Vietti after having sold the estate in 2016 to Kyle Krause, an Italian American businessman. Well, if they had to sign off, there could be worse moments to do so than when you have a trio of outstanding vintages nestling in the cellars. It will be interesting to see where Vietti goes from here. As with many great estates, there is a team behind the label, though Luca’s expertise will undoubtedly be missed. The Krause family’s investment has certainly allowed Vietti to develop their holdings by purchasing parcels in outstanding Cru vineyards such as Monviglierio in Verduno, Cerequio in La Morra and Roncaglie in Treiso (Barbaresco) – I also learnt that they had purchased a hectare of Rabajà in Barbaresco itself. Such development draws criticism as much as it does praise, and therefore, leaving wine quality aside, Vietti has become a controversial estate in some ways, largely because they were the first major historic estate to sell to foreign investment. The vineyard acquisitions and the support for the Vietti team show that the new owners are profoundly committed to continuing the direction that Luca and Elena have taken. The goal is clearly for Vietti to be one of the leading fine wine estates of Piemonte, focused on making wines of incredibly high quality irrespective of vintage conditions. The wines show a beautiful balance of tradition underpinned by a deep understanding of modern viticulture and winemaking, much as most producers in Barolo have converged on a middle ground between traditionalism and modern winemaking practices. Perhaps most importantly, Vietti was one of the leaders in recognising and expressing individual cru/terroir within Piemonte, something it has achieved with great success vintage-in-vintage-out for the last 20 years or more now already.
Vietti produces remarkably refined Barolo – they are incredibly textural, finely judged, and expressive. The point chasers happily pick off the ‘great’ years but miss the joy to be found in relatively unsung vintages like the 2011s, 2014s, 2015s, 2017s and 2018s – there are quite outstanding Vietti Barolos to be found in each of these years even if perhaps not reaching the peak of years like 2016 and 2019. The point is that production here is consistently at a very high level, and, if anything, quality has edged forwards in recent years. Antonio Galloni recently highlighted this point, not specifically with regard to Vietti, but with regard to a Bartolo Mascarello 2011, which he acknowledged surpassed his greatest expectations by some distance. This is the joy of wine and, certainly, I discover more than my fair share of such surprises in Piemonte.
Please be aware that volumes for the Cru Barolo are very low, and increased demand for the Vietti wines has led to a tightening on allocations. Therefore, you are invited to respond with your requests, and we will allocate accordingly. Please note we will take support for recent vintages into account, and favour those clients who supported us, and the estate, in the 2017 and 2018 vintages. Equally, we will view balanced orders more favourably. We will respond to any requests submitted by 4pm on Monday 27th February.
Please see full details of the wines and formats on offer below.
All the best,

2019 Barolo, Castiglione, Vietti

£200 per 6 bottle case in bond
94 points, Antonio Galloni,

The 2019 Barolo Castiglione is elegant, translucent and classy. Crushed red berry fruit, orange peel, mint and cinnamon all grace this elegant, wonderfully nuanced Barolo from Vietti. I especially admire the energy here. In many vintages, the Castiglione is easygoing and quite accessible, but I see the 2019 needing a few more years to come into its own. I especially admire its focus and cut. Drink 2024-2034

2019 Barolo, Brunate, Vietti

£995 per 6 bottle case in bond
£499 per 3 bottle case in bond
£370 per single magnum in bond
£740 per 300cl in bond
£1390 per 500cl in bond

98 points, Antonio Galloni,
The 2019 Barolo Brunate is a powerhouse. Black cherry, plum, spice, lavender, mocha, gravel and scorched earth all build as this virile, potent Barolo struts its stuff. The Brunate is another super-impressive wine in this range. To be perfectly honest, the Brunate has never been one of my favorite wines here, but the 2019 is undeniably great. Perhaps the combination of parcels Vietti has today explains the multi-dimensional vibrancy that comes through. This is simply magnificent. Drink 2027-2044.

2019 Barolo, Lazzarito, Vietti
£995 per 6 bottle case in bond
£499 per 3 bottle case in bond
£370 per single magnum in bond
£740 per 300cl in bond
£1390 per 500cl in bond

97 points, Antonio Galloni,
The 2019 Barolo Lazzarito continues a trend seen in recent years in which the focus has been more about finesse than raw power. Intense red fruit, iron, dried herbs, chalk, dried rose petal and white pepper all run through this deep, virile Barolo. The power and intensity of Serralunga really come alive on the heady, explosive finish. Bright saline notes linger on the deep, resonant finish. A Barolo of raw, unbridled power, the Lazzarito demands patience. Drink 2027-2044.

2019 Barolo, Rocche di Castiglione, Vietti
£1100 per 6 bottle case in bond
£550 per 3 bottle case in bond
£410 per single magnum in bond
£815 per 300cl in bond
£1525 per 500cl in bond
99 points, Antonio Galloni,

The 2019 Barolo Rocche di Castiglione is all class. Deep and sensual, the 2019 once again shows how magical this site is. A Barolo with no hard edges and tons of sensuality, the 2019 is positively stellar. Silky tannins wrap around a core of bright red-toned fruit. The purity of the flavors is remarkable. Sweet floral and spice notes lend tons of lift as the Rocche gains in dimension with time in the glass. Resonant, expansive and sensual to the core, the Rocche will thrill Vietti fans. Drink 2029-2049.


2019 Barolo, Ravera, Vietti
£1100 per 6 bottle case in bond
£550 per 3 bottle case in bond
£410 per single magnum in bond
£815 per 300cl in bond
£1525 per 500cl in bond
100 points, Antonio Galloni,
The 2019 Barolo Ravera is the most intensely mineral and saline of the Barolos. Crushed rocks, white pepper, flowers, orange zest, red berry fruit and bright acids all run through this finely sculpted, chiseled Barolo. Readers who enjoy Barolos of energy and tension will adore the Ravera. I have always had a soft spot for this Barolo. The 2019 is another magnificent dimension of Vietti's dark horse, a wine that over the last 10-12 years has routinely challenged for the crown here, and often won! Drink 2029-2049.

2019 Barolo, Cerequio, Vietti
£995 per 6 bottle case in bond
£499 per 3 bottle case in bond
£370 per single magnum in bond
£740 per 300cl in bond
£1390 per 500cl in bond

98 points, Antonio Galloni,
The 2019 Barolo Cerequio is a worthy follow up to the stellar 2018. Aromatic and deeply pitched, the 2019 races across the palate with remarkable depth and intensity. Crushed red berry fruit, rose petal, mint and cinnamon all open in the glass, but it is the wine's silkiness and suppleness that impresses most. A kick of acids and tannins puts an exclamation point on the finish. This is a gorgeous Cerequio that takes all the finesse this site offers, and then turns up the volume. What a wine. Drink 2027-2044.

2019 Barolo, Monvigliero, Vietti
£995 per 6 bottle case in bond
£499 per 3 bottle case in bond
£370 per single magnum in bond
97+ points, Antonio Galloni,

The 2019 Barolo Monvigliero is stunning. What a wine. Rich, heady and explosive, the 2019 is a gorgeous, spherical Barolo that dazzles right out of the gate. Aromatically broad and expansive, the 2019 fleshes out beautifully in the glass. Bright red-toned fruit, orange zest, mint, spice and bright saline notes saturate the palate on the back end. The 2019 is a total stunner, even in this stage of youthful austerity. It comes across as a bit rustic compared to the 2018, but the final verdict on that won't be evident for at least a number of years. This is the first vintage that includes a second parcel in Monvigliero. In the cellar, one lot saw submerged cap maceration, the other did not. Drink 2029-2049.

2019 Barbaresco, Masseria Roncaglie, Vietti
£585 per 6 bottle case in bond
£210 per single magnum in bond
£435 per 300cl in bond
£790 per 500cl in bond
98 points, Antonio Galloni,

The 2019 Barbaresco Masseria Roncaglie is the best Barbaresco I have ever tasted from Vietti. Bright, translucent and full of energy, the 2019 is stunning from the very first taste, and it was poured after all the Barolos in the range. Crushed flowers, sweet red berry fruit, cinnamon, mint and orange peel all grace this exquisite, mind-blowing Barbaresco. The 2019 is pure and total finesse. For many years, the Barbaresco has been the hidden gem in this lineup. I am not sure how much longer that will last. The 2019 is outrageously beautiful. Don't miss it! Drink 2029-2049.

2015 Barolo Riserva, Vietti
£585 per 6 bottle case in bond
94 points, Antonio Galloni,

The 2015 Barolo Riserva is a new wine from Vietti conceived as a blend that changes every year, a sort of Riserva of the Castiglione, in that it is a Barolo made from the many lots Vietti has at their disposal. Exotic red fruit, blood orange, spice, leather and cedar are some of the aromas and flavors that emerge from the glass. The 2015 shows the aromatic complexity of a wine that has been in bottle for a few years, naturally it does not offer the singularity of the vineyard designates. I won't be surprised if this bottling improves in future vintages as the direction becomes even more clearly defined. Drink 2025-2035.

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