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Market Update List

We are pleased to introduce our new Weekly Market Update.  Rather than focus on our larger, more in-depth market reports, we have decided to concentrate on bringing you more timely commentary on a more regular basis via these refreshingly short, one page documents. As ever, you can respond to this email or call any member of the Atlas Team with questions or comments. 

A Changing Market

The Liv-ex 50 reported another strong week now standing at 327.68 ahead of the September monthly close  [Fig 1].  Clearly the weaker Sterling is continuing to exert an influence and Bordeaux seems to be a major beneficiary. Indeed, there seems to be a lot of good news surrounding Bordeaux currently with early indications suggesting a positive 2016 harvest is underway in terms of both quality and quantity...

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Diversity is the future

The data for the Liv-ex indices confirmed our expectation last week; while perhaps not as significant as in the previous month, there were solid increases registered across the board [Fig 1]. Nonetheless, the value of trade actioned by Liv-ex increased 9.2% on the previous month and they report total exposure as being close to £40 million on the exchange today, certainly encouraging signs. Indeed, the Liv-ex...

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The Value of a Brand: Déja-Vu again?

The Liv-ex indices are just being updated as I type, we will report on these in full next
week. The market has continued to register gains, although these are less substantial than
last month. Nonetheless, aside from the value growth, trading volumes have remained
consistent, with September exceeding expectations at Atlas.
What is encouraging is the diversity of trade currently. So called &...

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Coming around again?

Trade remained strong last week at Atlas and in the broader market as measured by Liv-ex. Indeed, the Liv-ex 50 (measuring the value growth of the five First Growths) has nudged ahead to its highest level since May 2013, currently standing at 319.23, a couple of points ahead of the August monthly close [Fig 1].If there were any need to reconfirm that the fine wine market — or perhaps more specifically the Bo...

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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose….

September continues to be characterised by a higher than normal volume of
trade. While the Liv-ex 50 (First Growths) has not pushed ahead of the monthly
close, currently standing at 317.38, it was widely expected that the move in prices
would have to settle down [Fig 1]. After all, just under 20% growth in value in nine
months is quite remarkable.he most encouraging aspect is that, while vo...

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Relative Value

September has started well with much of the activity from August still in evidence. Trade is well spread across numerous regions; Liv-ex commented in their most recent blog post that, the first week of September, ‘trade for Bordeaux increased, while activity for Burgundy returned to levels seen in July’.  In terms of Bordeaux, interest remains strong in the 2014 vintage, where many relative value ...

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