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We aim to keep our clients up to date with the latest industry news and share with them our own opinions. This section covers all things wine: producer interviews, market movements, auction results, tasting notes and vintage updates. Our intention is to be incredibly selective and only provide commentary on areas which we believe are relevant to our clients and their interests. 

Market News


Le Pin: The Ultimate Collector's Wine?

Simon Larkin MW and Managing Director of Atlas, was recently quoted by Jane Anson in Wine Searcher, on potential of esteemed Pomerol property Le Pin. Simon Larkin of Atlas Fine Wines calls Le Pin: "Pretty much the ultimate collector wine. People approach it more like a Burgundian collection, with an emotional attachment rather than an eye on speculation." Larkin would suggest, if you are able to finance it, getting hold of the 2001. "It’s priced right now around £9000 ($15,400) for a case of six, compared to maybe £16,000 ($27,400) for the 2000, and the gulf between the two vintages is nowhere near that big. For me, the 2001 may even be a better wine than the 2000. Le Pin, with its small scale and the talent of its winemaker, will always do well in the smaller vintages."

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Just Tasted


Blind Tasting Results - Bordeaux Comparison Ta...

Over the past few years, Simon Larkin MW has been keen to hold a Bordeaux Comparison Tasting, which came to fruition earlier this week and included 14 well regarded wines from the 2008 Vintage. You have likely read about the various global tastings at which various Bordeaux blends from outside of France have shone in blind tasting conditions when judged against Bordeaux's finest. You may recall what has become known as 'The Judgement of Paris’ in 1976 when Californian Bordeaux-style blends outshone the competition or, more recently, 'The Judgement of Berlin' in 2004 when South American estates claimed the top two positions. There have been many similar tastings since.

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Investment Update


Some Wines Are Worth Not Drinking

"Many people who collect fine wine talk about it as an investment. But is something that pairs nicely with rack of lamb really an investment — or just a way to justify paying tens of thousands of dollars for a single bottle?

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Market News


TerraVin Te Ahu 2011 wins International Sauvign...

TerraVin Winery walked away yesterday with three International Wine Competition awards for their Te Ahu 2011, a barrel fermented and matured Sauvignon Blanc. Along with the most gratifying 'International Sauvignon Blanc Trophy' the 2011 vintage also won best in 'New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc’ and ‘New Zealand Oaked Sauvignon Blanc’.

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Atlas Opinion


2013 Bordeaux Update: Ecoutez et Repetez

As merchants test their creativity in describing tasting experiences at various First Growth Châteaux in almost poetic terms, it is probably the right moment to...

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Just Tasted


2010 Barolo - A stunning vintage in its own right

We were very pleased that Jancis Robinson cited in her article in the FT earlier this week, that amongst her favourite 20 wines of the Barolo 2010 vintage, were the...

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