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We aim to keep our clients up to date with the latest industry news and share with them our own opinions. This section covers all things wine: producer interviews, market movements, auction results, tasting notes and vintage updates. Our intention is to be incredibly selective and only provide commentary on areas which we believe are relevant to our clients and their interests. 

Investment Update


Steve Weids, Atlas' Head of Sales, talks of Ita...

Steve Weids, Atlas’ Head of Sales, was recently quoted in Ella Lister’s article, ‘Rising Values’, in the 2015 Italy Guide by Decanter Magazine. Frustration caused by pricing of recent vintages of Bordeaux have spurred merchants and investors alike to consider the value offered by Italy.

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Investment Update


Bloomberg - ‘Solidity Returning to Prices’ for ...

“There’s a solidity returning to prices” for top Bordeaux wines after three years of sliding values as buyers start to return, according to Simon Larkin, owner and managing director of Atlas Fine Wines Ltd. in London. “Bordeaux is almost at that base where we’re going to see some growth coming in,” he said in an interview at his Canary Wharf office this month.

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Atlas Opinion


Simon Larkin interviewed by Bloomberg's Guy Col...

Simon Larkin (Master of Wine and Managing Director of Atlas Fine Wines) was recently interviewed by Guy Collins, Bloomberg’s Wine Correspondent, at Atlas’ offices in Canary Wharf. The conversation covered Simon’s recent trip to Burgundy to taste the 2013 vintage, his outlook on the 2014 Bordeaux Campaign, as well as potential in Italy and Champagne.

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Market News


Antonio Galloni of Vinous Media acquires Stephe...

Stephen Tanzer, arguably one of the world's most respected wine commentators, has just announced that he has sold the International Wine Cellar to Antonio Galloni and will join the Vinous Media team as Editor-in Chief. Tanzer began publishing the IWC in 1985, which quickly became a renowned source for independent wine criticism. The IWC team will also be joining Vinous and their archives will also be made available to both databases.

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Investment Update


Risk of sour grapes as wine prices continue to ...

Investing in wine has always had its attractions. As with the art market, investors have the option of personally enjoying their purchases as well as the chance of making good returns. However, there are some crucial differences between these two luxury investment markets. Art works may go out of fashion, but they do not have a finite lifespan – they do not “go off”. Also, as James Suckling points out, people do not generally consume works of art, and thereby increase their rarity.

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Investment Update


Fine wine as an investment? A case of handle wi...

Having just completed the auction and investment sections for the fourth edition of Jancis Robinson’s Oxford Companion to Wine, due out next year, I think it would be fair to say that this is one area in which Robinson, the queen bee of wine writing, finds herself holding her nose to avoid the stench. She’s not that keen on the idea of wine investment because it’s divorced from the pleasure principle behind the drinking — but acknowledges, albeit reluctantly, that it’s part of the fine wine scene. I don’t have too many scruples about money being made from wine. There are enough people who do it after all, but am I being sentimental in thinking that there’s a difference between the amateur collector buying two cases to finance another one down the road, and the investor-speculator for whom wine is just another commodity, like silver or gold?

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